ISNSC was founded in 1999 as an international meeting to tie and foster relationships in various fields of chemistry. Following the meetings in the last years  in Yogyakarta (Indonesia, 2013), Denpasar (Bali, 2014), Busan (Korea, 2015), Brisbane (Australia, 2016) and Napoli (Italy, 2017), now Dresden was selected as the next venue in 2018. The conference aims to amalgamate international high-profilers and young scientists in nano- and supramolecular chemistry, this time with a special focus on f-block elements, and the applications of functional materials in diverse areas in order to promote visibility of our disciplines.

The 10th International Symposium on Nano & Supramolecular Chemistry will be held at Hilton Hotel, Dresden, Germany during 09-12, July 2018. We aim to bring 250 delegates to the symposium from all over the world, working in nano- and supramolecular chemistry and the applications of functional materials in diverse areas.

The 10th ISNSC will feature outstanding plenary and keynote speakers with international reputations, as well as oral and poster presentations. We would like to cordially invite you to join this event and to present your recent prominent research findings.

Conference Chair:
Jan J. Weigand, TU Dresden, Germany

Martino Di Serio, Università du Napoli Federico II, Italy
Yang Kim, Kumamoto University, Japan
Gang Wei, CSIRO, Australia